Restless Legs Syndrome
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Realised my fiancé has had RLS for years !

It’s been a known fact that since the 7 years we have been together he sometimes he twitches his body but recently after he had had some beers he just wouldn’t lie still in bed and what with my RLS luckily being quiet that night it wasn’t a good nights sleep! The penny dropped though and he has also complained that his legs have really ached as well which is no surprise with him moving so much! He only has some beers once a week and. don’t think he would ever give it up but at least I know why he does it and know for used it’s the booze that effects him x I had to resort to the sofa that night and may have to pre empt when he next has a drink my daughter at home from uni for now so I can tell him to sleep in another bedroom so as to not disturb me any further while I am trying to have a good sleep! X

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Hi Lizzie - Yeah - Alcohol can aggravate RLS unfortunately. But, as you said, on the night he has drinks, maybe the other bed...


haha yeah :) x


They say alcohol is not good for RLS but we all different I take strong meds to sleep but my rls wakes me over meds then I unsafe as wobbly but have to get up and walk about maybe keep diary show him


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