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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Tired and sore, toxic from medication. Suggestions?

Hello, ive had peripheral spondyloarthritis for 1 year. Took methotexate which helped at first, prednisone which I stopped cos of side effects, salazopryn and kenacort injections when I had "flare-ups" ive stopped all meds 6 weeks ago as made me so I'll, have lost 9kgs and tried acupuncture and alot of vitamins. My pain has been fine until last few days and its returning. I dont want to take medication but have read good things about biologics?? Any suggestions??

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Hi Janeen, sorry to read your story. I wish I could offer you help. However, you posted - by accident - on the RLS forum. And although quite a few of us deal with multiple issues and take all kinds if meds, these seem out of out league.

Please repost on the arthritis forum and you’ll more likely get more helpful replies. Take care. Lotte


Hi the doctor I saw about six months ago used a mixture of positional release mechanisms which was basically finding the trigger spots in the groin area and manipulative movement of the legs- sounds a bit complicated but not really and what he called electropuncture which consists of attaching electrodes to the toes of each foot and passing pulses through the legs from a tens machine. I have bought my own now and I use it every other day. It is not a cure but does help to control the symptoms of RLS.

Hope this is of use to you I would be interested to know how you get on if you do decide to go down this path


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First deal with the spondyoarthritis as the meds you are taking cause all sorts of problems. More and more docs in the USA are now treating the cause, not the symptoms. At age 40 my wife was taking the same meds for various forms of arthritis. I was headed for a hip replacement. We were lucky to come across Dr. John McDougall and began to follow his prescription and protocol for reversing disease in general, a plant based whole food diet. Our docs were asceptical at first. Not now. We are both arthritis free and very active, hiking, heavy yard work, etc. at ages 81 and 83. Check here for more info:



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