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Magnesium for Restless Leg Syndrome?

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Disclaimer first. Do your own research or check with your doctor that it is appropriate for you.

About four years ago, a friend told about magnesium oil for R.L.S. I have been using it since and soon know when I have forgotten. Hope this works for anyone where lack of magnesium is the cause.

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Glad you're one of the people it helps.

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Dr Buchfuhrer states Mg is no good for RLS.

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Eryl in reply to Hidden

I think that RLS has multiple possible causes. Just because magnesium doesn't help his patients, doesn't mean that it won't help anyone. It hasn't helped me, but I wouldn't discount it as a possible cause. Mine is excess sugar in my diet.

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jan_ET in reply to Eryl

how did you find out about the sugar

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Eryl in reply to jan_ET

I noticed that it came on some evenings when I was just watching tv. It was often around half an hour after I'd eaten. Worked out that it occurred after I'd had something sweet to eat with my supper. I have a little tonight after having mint sauce with my supper and a small portion of rice pudding for dessert.

I guess that when I'm walking around or otherwise active, my muscles burn it up, and I don't suffer RLS.

Dicey there is a recent long thread about this but can I just qualify your statement, which I completely agree with, by adding that the type of magnesium (chelate/stearate etc) and what it is combined with is really important. It must have iron with it in order for it to be taken up into the muscles and not just end up down the loo and therefore not working for RLS. 😬

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Joolsg in reply to Twitcher

Hi Twitcher,

I’m really pleased the Migraine Stop is still working for you.

I thought I’d send off for some ( from NZ) & have been taking it every night for 6 weeks.

Sadly, it’s made absolutely no difference to my RLS.

However, thanks for posting as there are clearly a number of people who do respond and it may help them.


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Twitcher in reply to Joolsg

Oh I'm really sorry to hear that Jules - in case it makes any difference - I take two at lunchtime and one in the evening. - that worked for me. I wonder if taking it earlier means it has time for your body to absorb it into the muscles? Anyway if you have any left switch the time of taking and just see if that makes any difference. Bon chance

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Joolsg in reply to Twitcher

Thanks Twitcher,

I’ll try changing the timing Nothing to lose. Fingers crossed.

When I would forget to take the magnesium I noticed my RLS was actually better. I finally decided to stop taking it and it's definitely better than when I was taking it.

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Joolsg in reply to marsha2306

Interesting. I have tried every magnesium supplement out there, including “migraine stop” and still take it every night but it doesn’t make any difference.

I think I’ll try stopping it to see if I get a similar result.

Yes, insofar as I noticed any difference with magnesium (and I tried all variations), it was that my rls was a bit more pronounced. We truly are all different.

Several of us have found magnesium to be helpful. Either magnesium oil or magnesium capsules, usually in the form of magnesium citrate. (Magnesium oxide can cause rather bad diarrhea, so it is best not to use that as one cannot take enough for the legs.) I have used both capsules and oil at times, or one or the other. Magnesium is quite helpful for RLS.

Thanks for your info.

Hi, lauraflora:

Have you heard of this lady?

How To Fix Your Sleep - Stasha Gominak, MD

She talks about the use of Vitamin D and a B-Complex, like you mentioned in another post.

Best regards,


I see that several people have found magnesium to NOT be helpful, or to even make RLS worse. It helps me, tho I also take a few other things as well, like iron and B complex and calcium. But I do notice the nerves seem to be more sensitive if I do not take magnesium, so I keep taking it. So far, so good. And I have been taking magnesium for several years.

But, here again proves that we are all different and what works for one does not necessarily work for everyone else. We have to experiment.

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Wendy1 in reply to lauraflora

I am in the same position as you - having to take iron, calcium e.t.c. The magnesium has definitely helped me although not CURED the RLS. As you say, we are all different so what helps one might not help another.

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alemaprls in reply to Wendy1

I too take magnesium, iron and calcium and it works most of the time. It got that I was getting RLS nearly every night but taking this helped an awful lot. Another cause for me was being on my feet all day or my once a week dancing class but I can cope with once a week. My doctor after blood tests said my iron levels were good and not to take iron but I'm going to still take it as I think the three work together along with vitamin D.

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lauraflora in reply to Wendy1

I don't think RLS can be cured, only ameliorated (made better.) One has to keep on top of it or it comes back. Whatever the particular method that works for someone, has to be continued, or it returns. Sometimes it changes as one gets older (usually worse) and then different things are needed, but it never goes away. (But then , other ailments can be that way as well.)

I am another that the magnesium does not work for. I have tried every form, including magnesium infusions (for migraine) and nothing.

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