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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Diagnosis - finally!!

Hi everyone. Well, after 4 years, 3 Neurologists, endless Scans, tests etc, and terrible medication, I have finally and absolutely been told I do NOT have RLS!! In desperation to find SOME relief for night PAIN in my legs, searched for the TOP man, in the TOP Pain Clinic, which turned out to be in the LONDON PAIN CLINIC HARLEY STREET LONDON. I duly made an appointment , ( which cost me an arm and a leg), but was worth EVERY £!!!!

After physical examination and medical history etc, he referred me for a DYNAMIC MRI SCAN- in 4 different positions - lying, sitting, leaning forward, leaning backwards- ( again cost a great deal). Have had the report from the TOP CONSULTANT at the Pain Clinic( who was the person I had seen there). As he had thought, the trouble was coming from some nerve roots in my lumber spine( which is what I had thought all along), and my treatment would be several injections under sedation. All these years I had been misdiagnosed!! Unfortunately the pain and numbness in my feet are TOO far gone to help, but my fingers are tightly crossed that this treatment will finally help me. If all this had been diagnosed before, I would have been saved these years of dreadful pain. Why do we , ourselves, have to keep probing, pushing and searching, AND paying in order to get a correct diagnosis!! Good luck to you all- just NEVER give up- keep searching !!

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Congratulations I am delighted for you. You must be on cloud nine knowing your cure is around the corner.

Best of luck with your RLS free life.

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Glad for you!! It feels so good to finally get somewhere, doesn’t it?


Hi Buci, I am a frequent researcher for possible helps for RLS relief and, like you, I have felt that the lower back, lumbar, pelvis, holds so many routes for transfer of pain it is like a crossroads which could also provide relief. I know that chiropractors use release pressures in these areas to relieve pain. Perhaps it is something that should be checked early when diagnosing RLS and other back and limb pain. Hate to think of the cost though!

I hope your new treatment will give you long-term relief

Best Wishes


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Thanks Neil for your good wishes. I am currently waiting to hear if my local hospital trust will fund the treatment. In the current NHS climate, I have very strong doubts, but everything crossed !!


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