A few years ago I was suffering badly from RLS and prayed hard about it. Next day I took rubbish Yo local tip and found a flier on ground at car door. Saying do you suffer from RLS. It was advertising use of leg magnets. I sent for some and they gave me relief for many years

Unfortunately don’t work so well now but I took on holiday and everywhere I went

If you haven’t tried that then give it a go

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  • Smiffyliz: I have had a magnetic mattress pad for 25 years and it completely stopped my RLS the first night I tried it. If you're interested, go to and check it out. They have a 45 day return policy, so be sure to ask them about it.

  • Can you please tell me the "thickness" of the mattress pad you use...thank you in advance ... I will try anything to relieve my RLS !!!

  • The magnetic mattress pad from is 2 and 1/2" thick. The prices for different sizes is a lot less than what I paid 25 yrs ago thru a different company, and I believe promagnet has a sale on right now, so check it out. I purchased a queen size from the other company (, but my wife didn't like it, so I actually cut it in half and had 2 twin mattresses, just stitched up the two sides where I cut it. (pretty ingenious, huh?). Also, the fitted sheet still was able to fit ok. Ask about their return policy. I think it's 45 days. Let me know if you purchase one and if it works for you because I would like to know if it helps anyone else. Hope this helps!

  • I ordered the magnetic mattress pad along with several other things from the site you recommended and I appreciate your advice and I will keep you posted on how it works!! Thanks again

  • Sincerely hope it works for you like it has for me.

  • I repeat, as I have said forever, "RLS is HORRIBLE and I WILL TRY ANYTHING THAT I CAN, AT 68 YEARS YOUNG LAST WEEK, TO HELP ME SURVIVE WITH IT!! If magnets work I will buy magnets!!lol

  • I tried leg magnets (managed to find some second hand) but they did not help me. The mattresses might be worth a try - I'll look into that, thanks.

  • If you try the magnetic mattress pad please let us know if it helps you!! Thanks

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