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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Still trying

Hi all, haven't posted in a while. Past posts were during horrible augmentation period,year or so ago. Sleep deprivation makes keeping track of and remembering dosages and types of Rx tried etc. I've tried most common ones for RLS in differant combinations in the search for relief of my usually severe symtoms. ( 2 to 3 days no sleep,with physical symtoms) Thanks Raff for video, all should veiw.Low dose seems best option with opioid assist (Pramepixole. 5 and aZanax occasionally early eve. for me)

Never a silver bullet, but somewhat predictable now that I undestand how these drugs work and what I can expect. The battle goes on. Have 8yrs. treatment to base my experience on,sleep clinics were useless and be wary ofANY Rx Read up, stay strong mabey they can fix us one day. I'm 58 and still trying to earn a living . Maybe it will get better when I retire! I can only hope. Peace to you all and thanks again to Raff, he's been a faithfull guiding light for some time now to many. Well done. Brad

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Standing on the shoulders of giants.


Noble, as I expected!


Hope I didn't wake you (rls pun)


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