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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I’m new here

I’m new here, but I've been around a long time. Ages ago, when I mentioned to my father that I had RLS, he recalled frequently being kicked in the back of the thigh for no apparent reason. No prizes for guessing where I got it from, then.

After many years, I'm still identifying my triggers, and then trying really hard not to eat or drink them in the evening. Strangely enough, a local brand of chocolate coated vanilla ice-cream doesn't touch me! One brand of beer does, another doesn't. Eating a "regular" dinner just isn't on the menu (pardon the pun), so I tend to eat earlier in the day.

My evening meds consist of 1.5mg of rOPINIRole (I think you call that Requip), plus a ton of natural sleep meds. They all combine to knock me out for the night.

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Glad you're getting sleep and long may it continue. Have a read of all the recent posts and you'll see everyone has different triggers. Wonderful that you can eat ice cream.



Yes, I was surprised at both the ice-cream and the chocolate. Come to think of it,. I often have a small piece of dark chocolate with no trigger.

And when I do trigger, my leg muscles ache, and I hit them with a BioFreeze roll-on. According to their website, there's a distributor in the UK. It's usually just enough to dull the ache. Of course, if they decide to jerk instead, there's not much else to do except waiting for the knock-outs to kick in (also pun intended).

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PS Here in the UK it's also called ropinirole. In the USA it's called requip.


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