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Magnesium Oil

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Hi, I was recently getting something for my Mum (not RLS related) from Holland & Barrett, when I mentioned my RLS, the sales assistant told me about magnesium oil and gel that they have just introduced. I bought the oil and tried it last night, my legs were particulary bad during the evening. It certainly helped, the pain, crawling, pressure sensation disappeared for about an hour, enabling me to relax after dinner. I'm currently on 1.25mg of ropinirole, which I had already taken. Thought I'd pass this on in case some haven't heard of this. I'm now going to buy the gel. :)

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A lot of people get relief from mg" oil".

You can make your own mix from epsom salts and water mixed by equal volumes. It keeps forever.

Magnesium is best absorbed by the body through the skin.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Karenaco,

I read a post on here about the value of magnesium and bought the magnesium spray from Holland and Barret. I used it every day for a fortnight and my rls got worse. Looked it up and learned the importance of Vit D with mg. Blood tests a month ago showed my .vit D, Mg and ferritin were quite good so I gave them a rest for a bit. My rls continued to get worse so I've reinstated the vit D and iron and the mg spray( after three days without).

Watch this space.

The fluctuation of rls and the difficulty in pinning down anything that affects it is quite a problem.

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