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Restless Legs Syndrome
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checking in

Hi all just thought id say hello because i,ve not posted for a while but read all posts in my e-mails etc. As you can tell all is still going well with meds not been back to doctors for months now something i,ve not done for years lol. Been on my holidays and for the first in as long as i can remember i didnt fall asleep on my sun bed and i,m off the floor and back into a bed at night maybe not for long but a little step forward. I know RLS can come crushing back at anytime and i would say i,m 75% better than i was 6 months ago and i,m cherishing every good day i get still get some not so good days but i,m in a place where i can handle them at the moment. Its also nice to read that the knowledge you people give is still 100% spot on as i,m proof that your knowledge helps because i would,nt be where i am now without it. Keep the fight going and belief that one day they will find a cure for this curse we suffer with stay strong regards to you all .

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Hi Nick, good to hear from you and to know you are still doing well. Sometimes meds need tweaking, so if things get too bad, you know where to come for some advise. But i say if it aint broke it dont need fixing. :)


My thoughts entirely and yes i know you are just a post away and that is most comforting thank you


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