Hey guys ... guess what? Yep ya got it in one. My 'new' medicine arrived today. Will keep you posted with outcomes

My first dose was taken at 3:30 pm today, and (without any exaggeration whatsoever) the pain in my knees (of which I have considered to be at least the severity of 8/10, has totally, unequivocally and I must confess .... somewhat surprisingly 100% been to totally and completely eradicated. OMFG!!

I do apologise, but because of the suddenly extreme onslaught of tiredness I am going to have to toddle off to bed.

Good night all.

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  • Hi Phogan, WHAT is your new medicine for your knees? My knees have been bad for a long time but have recently gooten so painful I made an appt with a recommended orthopod. I don't want total knee replacements-tho recommended some time ago-mainly because of blood thinner issues-am considering having my knees injected with one of the 'gels' on the market. So am very interested in anything that might help and save me from further surgery/procedures. Tell me what your doc said/recommended. I have a cane and a walker-only use the walker when going out or my kneepain is really bad. Thanks, Take care. Burma

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