Restless Legs Syndrome
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I have a very happy girl beside me. We've been back from the doctors about an hour.

His first question was to me. And you're here why? She asked I said yes.

We came away with a script for Temaze and his receptionist faxed off the referral request.

FYI. He also wrote a script for Siffrol. How does one contradict her doctor in his presence? You slowly shake the head.

He noticed. You don't agree? (Between you and me RLSers. I would've thought it to be common sense). Siffrol is an extremely heavy drug, my new friend hasn't been professionally diagonised, and with last night being her first experience with sleepers, I assumed you would've been hesitant to prescribe such a strong med.

If we are seeking the specialists appt within two weeks (which I requested he suggest, considering her current state of mind, then maybe a sleeper/night might be enough.

So no script for Siffrol. To reaffirm our relationship, (and altho many on site find the Aussie sense of humour ... well ... not!) as we left his office I whispered, 'Shame to see that wasted. I'll take it if you like'. You got one last week ... Bugger!!

So my new friend has heaps of homework to do, a somewhat confused, but also sincerely apologetic husband, hours of shuteye to catch up on, and I'm hungry.

As everyone else is just waking up, the phone is off to the car.

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Where have I heard that last sentence before?😈

Great news and a big plus for patient advocacy.

Good on U.

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You are her guardian angel! 👍

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