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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Following up on my previous post regarding the effect that alcohol consumption contributes to the severity of RLS ... my three siblings and my two children all have RLS but in no way is it in any comparison to the severity that torments me.

They all experience it approx 4/5 nights per year, whereas I have been tortured every day of every year for (according to my memory) 60 years.

Sorry, slight exaggeration there. For propably about 4/5 nights a year, I was actually spared from the horrendous grip that RLS had on me. I have no idea why, but just know that those nights were absolute bliss.

The 4/5 nights of distress that my 'poor family' have had to endure, were all contributed to by either one or two reasons ... too much alcohol or being overtired.

Just thought of something else. When RLS seemed to be more severe to me, I considered it to the times in my life that I was overweight. Eg: pregnant, or actually overweight. FYI ... I have been extremely fortunate that those particular times have been prodemently rare. I have always been considered to be quite slender. Just sayin'.

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I don't know but it seems that anything that dilates the blood vessels will bring on rls. Alcohol definitely dilates the blood vessels. I also noticed that muscle relaxers bring it on for me.


its kind of weird but my rls was less severe when I would drink, so some people it's relieving and some it's not. My mother was an alcoholic and did not get rls until she stopped drinking. And I am not aware that when I stop ropinirole I will have to be weaned off, I was never told it was addictive nor do I feel it is. Not sure where this is coming from.


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