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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I wish you the BEST. My Dr. Is sending me to a Dermatologist. Maybe u need to visit one also. Save the hair that falls out during each shower to show him. I wanted to luk, I don't hv RLS. I suffer from RSD. Idk if either is worse than the other. Just know that, I want my life back! &, I'm going to do everything I can, ON MY OWN to get it. I'm not mad at you. Hope it doesn't SOUND that way. Mad at my Dr! LIFE right now in general! & can't wait to see the dermatologist! Ugh! Idk if I can ever get my hair back on the lost big spot! My hair is thin to begin with, & now, THIS! I'd rather DRINK the pain away, than be on all these darn awful addictive drugs. I don't WANT drugs! I WANT ANSWERS & HELP, TO GET MY LIFE BACK!🙁😒NOT TOO HAPPY in ~Az! 1:03, & still no sleep! I've been up 6am to 12pm waking up in between. I'm on 1 drug, & ibuprofen twice a day. I make sure I eat b4 takin. I WAS on 8 different types of drugs. But, I opted to NOT take them. Here, u only get 15 visits to therapy. So, I'm going to space them out. I hope things look up for you! NEVER LOSE HOPE! FIGHT TO GET BETTER! I'll also look up this other food I just found that helps relaxation. I'll visit back here 2maro, abt this time. Yeah, our times are different. What time is it there, where u are? °Get Well!💪❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

~Tiffany👢👡👠I want my dancing shoes back!! 🙂

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Hi Tiffany,

I am in the UK. Sorry to hear you have RSD. I have some experience of nerve pain as I also have MS. Have you tried amitriptyline? People with RLS can't take it as it makes our condition worse but it helps nerve pain. Also can you get hold of cannabis? I presume you are in Arizona, USA or does Az mean Australia? If on USA, I know cannabis is legal in some states. It works really well on nerve pain.

I hope you can find a drug which stops your nerve pain without all the side effects.

Take care


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