RLS and Cramp relief works like a dream!

I suffer withe intermittent RLS and cramps could never pinpoint the trigger and spent years with sleep deprivation as a result.

Last year I started using magnesium chloride oil. Works instantly. Buy MgCl crystals in bulk from a lab. I make up spray bottles half filled with MgCl flakes and fill will water and shake. The result is an oily liquid that I spray on my legs and feet. I take a bottle everywhere, abroad, in my handbag, car etc. I also put 2-3 cups of MgCl flakes in my bath.

I keep an open bowl of the flakes in the bathroom, MgCl is hygroscopic so absorbs water from the atmosphere and results in a layer of the oily liquid on the top of the bowl. Great in the night for a quick instant source of relief.

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  • Sounds interesting, glad it works for you.

  • Magnesium is definitely the answer. I use magnesium in powder form. Much more effective than tablet form.

  • Might I ask the name of the magnesium powder? I have been able to relieve the RLS by takining iron bisglynate (spelling?) two pills before bed. Really didn't expect it to do much. At first I was only taking one pill but would wake up after about 4 hours with RLS so now I take two before bed. My doctor wanted me to take ferrous sulfate but when I asked him it seemed as though he really didn't care what brand I took. Most on here recommend the bisglynate.

  • i used to live in Belgium and the doctor there told me to take Promagnor 450. I only use half a sachet at a time. I take the sachets every day for a week on and a week off. Just because I don't like my body to get used to things. I very rarely have any problems now and when I do I immediately take my magnesium., with almost instant relief. I can't find the powders at any pharmacy so I order online from Farmaline. If you read up on magnesium then you will find that your body doesn't need much but it is extremely important for lots of functions. I swear by it. Good luck.

  • The Magnesium Chloride hexahydrate flakes are from Intralabs in 10 kg bags online. £12

    Applied topically it is transdermal (absorbed by the skin.) If Magnesium supplements are taken orally it will give you a 'loose tummy' unless properly balanced with other mineral nutrients.

  • Hi AFG1

    I'm interested in how you use the crystals, please could you explain a little further?

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi very simple, dissolve 2 tablespoons of magnesium chloride flakes in 100ml warm water and shake. Put the oily liquid into a small spray bottle and keep with you. Hand bag, pocket, by the bed..

    When RLS or cramps begin, spray the area and rub into the muscles. Wash your hands it is very bitter.

    Alternatively put 1-2 cups of the flakes into a shallow hot bath and soak your legs.

  • Yes it can give you a loose tummy which is why I only take half a sachet after I have eaten. I never take any supplements on a completely empty tummy.

  • Magnesium - the ultimate relaxer - except when it's not! I have a paradoxical reaction to magnesium - even taking it in the morning - totally wired at night - WIDE AWAKE! I have tried most every kind out there - oil, supplements, flakes, etc.

  • I had magnesium tablets but made me ill and caused bowl issues so reluctant to try this method

  • I don't find the tablets any good. I only take half a sachet as a full sachet had my intestines gurgling away full time.!

  • Tablets will cause stomach problems as Magnesium assists smooth muscle control so will relax bowel and cause loose stools.

    It will however, relax hypertonic muscles in the legs helping RLS and Cramps

    The flakes are intended for external use and therefore will not cause that problem.

  • I have tried taking magnesium baths and have purchased both magnesium oil spray and a lotion. Maybe I am not using these products correctly, but I do not see any relief. Any comments as to what I might be doing incorrectly.

  • Hi the commercial sprays and lotions are in lower concentration so probably not effective. I can only speak from my experience and tat of past clients. I am a retired practitioner.

  • Probably nothing Hoffie. Magnesium doesn't work for everyone.

  • Have been using Magnesium Taurate for a couple of months now and initially a slight relief in insomnia and RSL but not anymore; but no stomach upset; an expensive supplement.

  • Sound terrific!! Am definately going to give it a go !!!thanks for the info 👌

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