Restless Legs Syndrome
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acheing everything

hi all , ive had restless legs for going on 6 years now , doctor has given me amitriptline for them which helps mostly but not always ,

i get cramps in ankles , shins thighs , hips, arms under my breasts and my jaw, to name a few

does anyone know why???

why are we getting these experiences, my toes are wrecked with dents due to the cramps, shoes are a nightmare always looking for ones with a quick relief so that i can get them off asap.

can anyone , someone help me relieve this please?????????

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Virtually everyone here with rls has bad experience with Amitryptolin- it would be regarded as the number 1 anti rls drug- an absolute NO- NO.

So - I don't know what's going on for you? If the Ami has given you relief but is having side effects as you describe - then I would talk with your doctor.

There are two eggcellent ( due regard to the day that's in it!) sites to check out. - has a list of meds to avoid. -Has a long list of meds used for rls - pros and cons.

Search Amitryptolin in this site also to get a flavour of ppls eggsperiences.

( top right - more - drop down menu)

Good luck.


Have you had any blood tests to rule out anything else going on, if you are aching all over it could be lots of things .as well as RSL.


Hello Kmadden

I went to my doctor last Tuesday after struggling alone for 30yrs with restless legs. I did try quinine which gave me headaches and tonic water is another self help remedy that is supposed to give relief to no avail.

I was really lucky as my doctor immediately told me she had suffered herself with restless legs during pregnancy and really knew the anguish i was going through.

She has started me off on a low dose of a Parkinsons drug which is the very same drug she took During her pregnancy called Ropinirole 250microgram tabs 1daily, I was prescribed 2x 7day starter packs.

I took the first tablet on Tuesday afternoon and there are no words to explain how I feel.

I have been restless legs free since bedtime on Tuesday, immediate relief, I am sleeping through the night and feel amazing. Everynight I go to bed i virtually will my legs to kick off but nothing happens.

I am back at the surgery tomo for bloods then back to the doctor on Friday for a review, if everything is ok with my bloods the medication will be put on repeat prescription.

I would urge everyone to go to their doctor asap, if the first meds you are prescribed have no effect go back and go back until you get a med that works for you.

These tablets come with the warning they may cause you to overspend, gamble etc with devistating results.

They are also called Adartrel 0.25mg tabs.

I hope this helps someone out there



Pain in feet and ankles plus cramps under jaw, I also suffer with these. I've not found anything to help with the cramp except to wear a scarf, mine seems to be worse when my neck is cold.

After several years my foot and ankle pain has been cured for the most part though!

My doctor sent me along to the Orthotics department, after many types of scans an x-rays and been misdiagnosed with Leaderhose disease and Plantars fascitis, they made me some insoles which, after a few variations, have almost cured the pain completely.

RLS it transpired had nothing to do with the pain, although I've had RLS for almost 50 years.

Of course everyone is different but it's worth mentioning.

Hope this has helped.


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