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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Train Driver with RLS

I've suffered with RLS for years and it has caused me so many problems in life and especially at work. I am a train driver and have to sit for hours so you can imagine how bad it can get, RLS has caused me to have an incident at work where I was distracted and I went through a red signal, nobody was hurt and no damage done but it was a wake up call for me. I went to see my GP and she told me to stop work immediately as I am a risk to the public. I'm now taking Ropinirole and it has helped a lot but because of the possible side effects I think I'm going to have to retire on ill health grounds. I have been off work for nearly 3 months now.

Have any others here had to stop work due to RLS?

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Hi, I've just been diagnosed with RLS and also prescribed Ropinirole...I'm getting no warning when the afternoon nap kicks in, thankfully I've been safe when it happens. I'm also concerned about work, can't sleep at night, falling asleep with zero warning in the day...my life has been turned upside down.


I hope that ropinerole is helping your symptoms but, like mwsteele, I would think that it would not be particularly recommended to continue driving a train due to the dangers of sudden sleep onset.

I am planning to return to work in the Autumn after a long career break and not a day goes by that I don't worry whether it will be possible with my rls.

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Ropinirole is helping but I still get occasions when RLS kicks in (no pun intended!) but not as severe as before.


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