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Restless Legs Syndrome
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My husband

My husband has had rls all his adult life (he's now 73). When we got married nearly 8 years ago he would spend many hours each and every night pacing, unable to settle to sleep. He also ran a cold bath and would plunge into this for relief. In the last few years he been taking a variety of medication. Currently it's 2 x 3mg ropinerole (slow release) and although it doesn't result in total comfort it has certainly made a huge difference. These days he is troubled mainly by his arms - does anyone else experience rls anywhere else in their body? He uses a bowl of extremely cold water to effectively numb his arm to deal with the horrible discomfort.

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That sounds like a very high dose of ropinerole. How long has he been taking that much? He may have augmented on it which would mean the drug is actually making his symptoms worse. He may need to change his treatment. It is hard to get off ropinerole, especially if the dose is high, but if there is augmentation it is the only way to get his symptoms back under control.


Also- in the long term look at triggers that may set it off. They differ for everyone but common ones are antihistamines, alchohol ,sweeteners , rising agents and on and on.

Keeping a food diary is useful.

But first do what above poster has suggested.

Good luck.

Check out




Yeah I am like that, the legs are bad but jiggling takes care to a great deal but my back and arms they are something else I jerk and flail and its embarrassing so I wouldn't go out when I am like that.

Remember to check that other drugs he is taking do not make the RLS worse - many drugs do this. Check rlshelp.org and rls-uk.org for information on some of the main culprits.

Watch out for things like alcohol nicotine and caffeine as they make it worse too.


Hi rlswife,

It does sound like your husband may well be suffering from Augmentation. Here is a link that many find helpful in understanding what it is: sleepreviewmag.com/2015/02/... There is also a section on Augmentation on the RLS website rls-uk.org


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