Restless Legs Syndrome
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Cramping & numbing in fingers & big toes

Hi, i am type1 diabetic, last year my fingers and toes would suddenly go into spasm and twist, it was really painful when it happened, recently both my big toes have gone numb and my fingers have gone numb at the ends. The worst bit is when i wake up in the morning and the 3 last fingers on my left hand are curled in so tight its painful to open them.

I am 64yrs old and female. I am scared to go to the Dr so ive been putting it off.

Anyone have similar experiences or know what it could be

Thanks Alexi

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Welcome- it doesn't sound like rls- more a neuropathic thing.

Would you try posting on "Pain Concern" on this HU web?

Good luck.

And please do go to your doctor. Please.😊

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Thank you madlegs, I have an appt for next Wednesday.


Can't say I've ever experienced anything like that - sounds quite scary. It doesn't sound like rls. I would definitely see a GP about this - while also researching as widely as possible myself.

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