Restless Legs Syndrome
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Many years of suffering-GONE!

My RLS Story

I had a bad fall and had two strokes while I was in a coma. There was a narcotic medication they had given me at that time and when I returned home the RLS began although I do need the narcotic for pain. Suddenly I began to realize that if I was late in taking my narcotic medication, the RLS jerking became extremely severe.

For so many years I have suffered with this, so severely that I have been jerked out of bed, hitting my head on the floor, and suffered major concussions three times. The sleep deprivation would go on for as much as 5 days at a time and I just couldn't function. All night long, I would jerk and jump and cry out to God for mercy. I researched everything I could to find the answer. I discovered that Magnesium is necessary to nerve conduction and Calcium taken with it causes the minerals to be assimilated better. But the relief I got was small and short lived.

But I discovered a wonderful product that made such a difference that I am now able to sleep 4-5 hours at a time! It is a Calcium/Magnesium formula, but goes through a process called Orotate. There are many types of Calcium & Magnesium such as gluconate or stearate but his formula sends the minerals directly to the brain. I take one capsule with my pain medicine at night and am able to sleep at last! It relaxes the nerves and muscles so you can sleep. You can find out about this formula which is called “INTRACAL” at or call (800) 476-0016.

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Curious - thanks for the info. I have been beset by Paradoxical Reactions to all Magnesium supplements (they hype me up rather than relax me). And, I have tried most every kind. So, I guess this is one more version to try. I also found it on Amazon.



What a story! You have been through a lot and perhaps you found this product as answer to your prayers. I am definitely going to look into it.

Hope you are well and hang in there!.


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