Restless leg Syndrome

It is my husband who suffers from restless leg syndrome. We have found out that certain foods start his symptoms. Coloured food and sweets like Skittles and generally bread that has baking soda in it. I thought I should mention this as it may help some of you here who suffer from distressing Syndrome to check what is in what you eat.

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  • Look into trying the low fodmap diet. I've been on it for a couple months. There are a lot of foods I can't eat but I've discovered many new foods I can eat and learnt a lot about cooking. My right leg is about 98% calm. Left leg is about 70%. Slow improvements but improvements nonetheless.

  • Thanks-O P---- I've been preaching those for a long time here. Good to get a confirmation. 😊

  • Agree - please see my post ... rls-what-cured-me-might-work-for-you regarding sweeteners.

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