Restless Legs Syndrome

I don't suffer from RLS anymore !!

I didn't know this horrible thing had a name until tonight. I thought it was only me that had it. But I also have suffered with Sciatica and had treatment and a spinal operation for this, which at the time did help. But when the bad sciatic pains came back I went to my GP (who is new to me as I moved house to a new town) he suggested I take Neurontin which has been prescribed for nerve pain and I have been taking these for 7 months now. It has really helped with my trapped nerves BUT I haven't had RSL for several months now. I sleep much better also. I hope these tablets can help others.

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hi Blackpool,

yep, Neurontin ( gabapentin) is a med used a lot to help RLS so brilliant that it's working for you,



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