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Hi all

Ive had RLS on and off for a few years. Its so painful but I find I have it more when I am really tired but then I end up not being able to sleep because of my legs. Didnt know it was something that a lot of people suffered from until I saw the programme advertised. Watching it now and its so nice to know that others know how it feels. Hubby gets so fed up when I am constantly fidgeting in bed and I have slept on the settee downstairs before due to the pain and constant movement.

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  • So far no one with RLS form birth and no one with full body RLS, although seems to be showing some of the distress and pain quite well.

    One woman's husband is coming across particularly unsympathetic.

  • Totally agree raffs, I am saying to myself, DIVORCE HIM. Civil after a few wines. Doesn't cut it. 😤

  • i have suffered from rls for about 20 years it is getting worse as i get older, the sudden jerks of my legs and the constant wiggles are getting me down, i hace to walk in the cold garden or even put my feet in ice water for just a moments peace,it cam last for anything up to 3 hours

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