Restless Legs Syndrome
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Post neurologist appointment

Well guys next week go on my cruise, since seeing neurologist, now on pregablin 25mgs 12miday, 50mgs 6pm then 100mgs at bed time, plus 1mg rotigotin (nupro patch), also take codeine 30mgs at bed time, managed to get it down from 75mgs at night & up to 75mgs during the day. I want to get codeine down, but decided to wait till after my holiday. Due sleep studies when I come back from holiday. Not been on site due to issues with my tablet.

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Good luck for the cruise. Hope it all goes well.

For myself- I know whenever I'm out of control of my food intake, it's usually an rls disaster zone . So , be prepared for difficult choices! The free alcohol with the meal? That rich chocolate dessert with incredible colourings? And so on! Free fizzy drinks all day? And the heat!!!

Oh dear! Bring plenty of paracetamol and sleeping pills.

All the best😂


I drink a lot of water and even though I am on holiday, i am a slimming world member, I was at target till I started pregablin, so make choices to keep weight down, I also do a lot of swimming going to the gym & walking so fingers crossed cheers madlegs 1 from shaft1952

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Enjoy your cruise!


Enjoy the cruise, and best not to mess with any meds, as far as changing them, while on holiday. :) have fun!


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