Restless Legs Syndrome
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Thank you Madlegs 1 for your suggestion of cutting oxolate foods. I'v just had my 5th good night - just the odd blip but if I stay put and ignore it I go to sleep again. Another associated symptom which has gone is that several times during the night I used to wake with pins and needles from the waist down and a feeling of a full bladder, even after emptying it, combined with violently jerking legs. I had an MRI for the pins nd needles but no spinal cord lesion found.

Unfortunately, cutting oxolates has done nothing for the daytime rls.

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Hi Lois, could it be that the spatone has worn off by day? If oxalates in your diet were a trigger for your RLS and cutting them out improves your RLS symptoms then it should do so by day as well as night. Just a thought. One night skip the spatone then you should know. Since you're not anemic there should be no harm in skipping iron one night.


Thanks for getting back and great to hear you are getting a nights sleep.

That's really weird that the rls is at you during the day.

Might be well worth emailing Dr B on about that one!

I'll be very interested in his observation.

Are you on any other meds that might be triggering the restlessness? It's highly unusual to have 'reverse' rls!😟

You could try 2 or 300 mg of magnesium citrate before breakfast , to see if that has any effect.

Good luck.


Are you still taking 1mg of Ropinerole at night? If so that could be why your RLS is under control after you have taken the Ropinerole but unless it is extended release it will have worn off during the day


Hi Pippins2

Yes, I thought that. Actually I'm taking 1.25 now. After I'm home from holiday I'll try experimenting again with an emphasis on reducing the Ropinerole or, perhaps, taking the 2.5 earlier in the day


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