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Not sure if I have RLS or neuropathy symptoms?


How many of RLS sufferers have tingling and heaviness in their legs (or one more than the other ) during the day?

I'm very restless at night and my legs drive me nuts,one more than the other but I don't have the urge to walk around the room.

If I don't have Gabapentin at night I can fall asleep but it's only hourly as I wake up very agitated and extremely restless. it is effective but I can't just pinpoint it to my legs that wake me up. it is a very fidgety leg action, heaviness and tingling sometimes very painful and it is torment.

Not here to preach to the preached, I know not all suffer exact same symptoms but heat does make my legs swell. I can't stay in the sun and sunbathe for example.

I'm also hypothyroidism so a few things going on, I've joined the group on here for that too). I've booked a Dr appointment but never been tested for neuropathy as the doc put me on Gabapentin to see if it worked for sleeping. which it has.

Any ideas what facts I could bring to the table when I visit the Dr.? a full blood count but surely there's specifics I can ask for rent magnesium etc?

Sorry for the very long post!

Thanks in advance and hope you're all having a fab day😊

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I would have experienced a lot of tingling and numbness on my left side particularly fingers< (middle to wee finger in particular), and in my foot, (particularly the outer aspect of it).

I've been doing yoga and physio and it has helped reduce these feelings.

Hettyfleur, some of your symptoms appear to be RLS, though i am not at all sure if your other problems might create the same symptoms, i am so sorry i cant be more informative, but i have found great help on this forum, so lets hope you get the information you need

You don't have to have urge to walk round the room just the urge to shake or move your legs to stop the horrible sensations. How much gabapentin are you taking and when? I take it for RLS and it allows me 6/7 hours in 2 or 3 sessions but I still wake up with fidgets/twinges/spasms every few hours.

I think you need to ask for serum folate as well in your blood tests and check whether your thyroid condition is causing the sensations.

Good luck with your GP



The same as Jools, you MUST a urge to move your legs, a urge you cant resist. Getting up and pacing can give relief while pacing then when you rest or try to sleep, it starts all over again.

The Gabapentin has helped, but can't go one night without Requip. Have a Siatic nerve problem I want to try the new Lazar surgery for. Sure that contributes to my problem. Think you can do a sleep study now for RLS. Probably just prescribe meds, though the oxygen may help!? The masks have become non-invasive. I'm speaking to my doctor and requesting the Lazar surgery and a sleep study. I'm ready to try ANYTHING.

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I do have neuropathy.

Hi HettyFleur

I found your message very interesting as I am suffering as much from the tingling, almost numb legs as i am from the jerky muscle spasms. I happens every time i get too warm wether i am walking or resting and also causes long-lasting horrific cramps in thighs. This problem plus swelling of legs all started while abroad on holiday in hot weather 13yrs ago and has worsened gradually ever-since. Please let me know how you get on with the doc as i am trying to get a docs appointment (which not easy! ). I believe we should be referred to a Neurologist like most fellow RLS and Neuropathy sufferers seem to be.

Good luck


I had to google this one to find this

Thanks Web MD

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