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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Changing medication

I have been taking Ropinirole 1mg for 2 years since being diagnosed by a neurologist. Bad RLS most nights, including upper body. The medication helped but since May has been coming on earlier and earlier. Now I can expect it around 4pm. If I take 2 Tramadol 50mg asap, it seems to nip it in the bud PROVIDED I keep moving. Doesn't work if I don't. Still take the Ropinirole at night but GP says I have augmentation and wants me to move to Rotigone patches 1mg. She doesn't seem to have any idea on what pace to reduce my dose though. Have reduced by a half tablet for past week & noticed no difference. Would like advice please on whether to continue in this mode till I'm down to half a tablet per night then switch to the patch or what?

Thank you very much Am in the UK - just in case it's relevant

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You're doing grand. 1mg is a low enough dose and if you are having no ill effects with half dose then ok. Wait a few days before finishing- but you should be ok. Can use the tramadol if any bad effects'- but you will get worse withdrawal from that little fella if you use it continously.

You're fortunate to have a doctor who seems to understand rls.


Thank you very much for replying to me. Yes I am very lucky in as much as both my doctor and her mother have RLS. Though no where near as bad as myself or most of the people I read about on this forum.

Also helps that I live on an island where the GPs are husband and wife and we all mix socially.

Thanks again


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