Restless Legs Syndrome
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Thank you

Pippins2, Nightdancer, & elisse

Thanks so much for your support last night. So appreciated!!!

Tonight I put the patch on earlier & bingo no RLS. I had no sensitivity around the patch I took off. I seem to get a warm feeling through my body and a generalised itching for an hour or two but compared to the hell of RLS, augmentation & Withdrawal Its a small price to pay. Feeling lightheaded & sleepy now so going to bed early to make the most of it. Praying the rest of you have a good night too plus my granddaughter who can be as restless as the rest of us👶 X

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So glad its working now for you. Enjoy a good nights sleep. x


You are more than welcome Annieapple! ! I hope that you are doing ok now? x


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