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Restless Leg Syndrome. What is next for me after withdrawing from Pramipexole.


My journey through withdrawal from Pramipexole. For RLS.

After suffering augmentation I have just reached day 9 without taking any Pramipexole at all. It's been so difficult and the hardest thing I ever had to do. Now it's time to consider what medication I can use for my RLS from here. I've done loads of research, read reports from others in my situation and things that others are taking are Oxycodone or Methadone. What on earth can I do to get my life and sanity back. ?

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Well done for getting off the Prmaipexole. :) It depends on what your doctor is prepared to prescribe for you. Most do well on a pain med. Tramadol is what many go for, but some doctor's will not prescribe it or any pain meds.

Look at or for other treatments for RLS.


I am on Gabapentin and Tramulief after trying all the dopamine agonists. I am doing ok

I have just finished reading Dr. Rafael Gonzales' book, "Mucuna versus Parkinson" and though we (you and I and others on this forum) have RLS instead of PD, treatment administered to PD patients works for RL as well. At least this is what I am finding. Anyway, Dr. Gonzales' book researches the use of Mucuna Pruriens for treating PD. It has been used for centuries to treat the disease. It is natural and has little to no side effects. I have used and still use Mucuna for RL, and it works for me. What I take is the 95-98% EXTRACT. (I get mine from Dr. Gonzales' research on the subject of the safety and use of Mucuna is very respected. Do some Internet research on Mucuna Pruriens. It may help you keep your sanity. Caution should be taken in determining how much or how little you need to stop your legs from reacting. It completely stops mine for four hours at a time (I take 1/2 tsp. of the powder dissolved in water--no taste. This may be too much for you. Experiment, but start slower and with much less.)

Hello my name is Reggie I have been on here & noticed a lot of people take tramadol well I tryed it & oh my gosh it worked great. And I have the worst of the worst RSL

Well done you ,I know what it takes and it's hard .As to the question of when do you get your sanity back I don't know I'm still 'looking for mine lol.x

Kaye, if you are considering a painkiller as your long term treatment it needs to be from the opiate family, The weakest opiate is Codeine so best to try the weakest one first, if that doesn't help the next one up is Tramadol. Well done getting off the Pramipexole (Mirapex ),once augmentation takes hold it's the only way although I wouldn't recommend going cold turkey without a back up pain med, you're a brave lady! !! ..Pippins2 x

Do you know how long it takes before your body gets used to not having the pramipexole any more? I stopped 2 weeks ago and am still "not right".

justine1986 in reply to EveW

I also am at 2 weeks and it's been miserable. Just this morning I felt flu like symptoms. I hope that this will not be such a long term thing. Everyone is different and some people are able to come off pramipexole without such severe symptoms. Please post your progress.

Bkc1777 in reply to justine1986

It will pass! Stay strong!


A pain med is usually used by most knowledgable doctors to get you thru the dopamine withdrawal. Several RLS experts from all over use methadone for dopamine withdrawal. You need something, do not know what dose of Pramipexole you were in, but going cold turkey is a tough thing to do with dopamine meds.

Try the mucuna prurinans herbal tea.. It tastes of nothing and is easy to drink. It gives me wonderful relief.. A huge blessing.. And I have completely stopped taking pills.

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