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Extreme pain

Last night I was suddenly attacked by the most awful pain in my left thigh. It felt like severe cramp but my thigh muscles were quite flaccid. The pain lasted about 15 minutes and was relieved a bit by standing in a bowl of cold water. I am in England and rather than ring for an ambulance I rand for our out of hours doctor's service. This was 9.45pm. At 3.15am the doc rang and, whilst being sympathetic, could not really offer any help. I am on 1800mg of Gabapentin and 200mg of Tramulief. He suggested that I take another 100mg of Tramulief but said it would take an hour to take effect. Fortunately the pain has not recurred but I have managed to get an out of hours doc appointment this afternoon (Saturday). I want to see if I can go to 2000mg of Gabapentin so that I can take 500 every 6 hours. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this and if so what, if anything, helped?

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How did you get on?


The doc said she could only deal with emergencies and this did not include alterations to existing meds. She said I could take 1mg of clonazepam if the intense pain came back. She said the pain was connected to the muscle but I was sure it wasn't. Thankfully it didn't recur last night so we shall see!

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Check out "myalgia parasthetica"- spelling may not be correct. Basically a nerve damage coming from L2/3 through hip to affect thigh. A bit like sciatica. Utube has exercises to help - otherwise not much can be done. Painkillers will help.

I hope it turns out to be something a lot simpler than that . Cheers. 


Meralgia parasthetica !!


Thanks- I will have a look. Whilst I get pain with my RLS I have never had anything like it. Oddly today everything is calm. Odd business this RLS!


I also have this dr said myalgia parasthetica, I just found this and had to add my interest, how are you getting on with this pain and numbness?


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