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Relaxis pad info

Relaxis pad info

Hi all. There are a few posts popping up regarding the Relaxis pad and I was wondering with a development like this could we collate all the information on the pad in one place to make for easier searching?

Could we start with answering a few questions I have:

1) Can anyone tell me the price, (either in UK or USA)?

2) Can it be obtained in the UK yet?

3) Someone here got to test it - how can you get to do this?

4) Does anyone using it have RLS in their torso/arms also, will it be effective for those whose RLS is like this?

5) What way have you come to use it, (did you start with frequent short sessions or few long ones, etc)?

6) Did you use the Relaxis pad alone or with other treatments?

7) Have you been able to cut down on medications?

8) For our American brothers & sisters, what way does it stand with insurance companies?

Thanks for the replies.

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Hi raffs all I know is they are more than a $1000 so if you have the money might be worth the try ,not sure if they work for everyone like everything else work for some 


I cant answer all those questions.

Its not available in the UK yet.  You will have to buy it and yes it will be around £900-1000.   I dont think you will be able to test it here, unless the distributor who ever that will be, will have that in place as a trial for a month.   According to the relaxis people you can use it with or without taking meds.    You HAVE to have Primary RLS to use it, NOT Secondary RLS.

Not everyone will here in the UK, will have that amount of money to buy one.  So, i do wonder if who ever the distributor will be, will make much money out of it.  They are going to have make a profit from selling it. 

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The price is coming down. In the US it is well below that. See the web or call them. I use the pad and I am weaning myself of drugs. There are many variables. They have a trial period that allows you to try for free. Call Carl or Meggan and mention my name. Email is C/S phone # is there. I am happy to be doing something concrete for my RLS and involuntary movements. Claudine

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thank you for excellent info


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