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I am appalled at the deterioration of the health care system in UK I was a nurse for many years in my youth.I know my brother retired because of all the red tape.I have been very fortunate in having had an endocrinologist for a spouse who knew about R l s long before anyone else seemed to.This condition seems to defy different modes of treatment for each individual.I have never subscribed to people having to endure pain etc.Only a person who has RLS can understand what it entails Flying going to see a film or the theatre unless armed with medication is a no literally circumscribed one,s life style,even when driving.Retren

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Do you live in the UK Retren?

Retren in reply to Pippins2

Retren I am English but have lived in New York for 5o years or so.I feel like Methuselah. Certainly the RLS can make it feel so.mine started when I was about 10 I tol d my mama every time I thought of Louis14 I felt paralyzed. You can imagine the comments both from her and my brother.

Seems to be the same in NZ

Look around you socialism has failed wherever tried--We have it in our veteran health care system. Three months to get an appointment and some die while waiting.

In private practice doctors see 3 times the patients a government employed doctor sees.

In Private practice if the waiting room is full at 5 PM the private guy will work until the last one is seen.

The V.A. doctor sees one third the number the private guy sees and when lunch time or quitting time comes, he puts the white coat aside and puts on the suit coat and leaves.

Socialism has failed wherever tried and we are headlong racing toward it.

In the U.S. nobody under 40 has any memory of the Cold War and won't believe us old farts that they are believing in a folly.

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