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Frustrated with healthcare

Hi guys,

So I'm angry with the NHS and it's handling of my case. I've been tired non stop for 3 years and it's gotten really bad to the point where i can't get through a day without wanting to take a nap or doing most things as my eyes are stinging so much due to tiredness. I requested a sleep study numerous times, only to be turned down. I was investigated for sleep apnea by taking a home pulse oximetry test overnight which came back normal. They never followed anything up despite me still complaining of excessive tiredness that was getting worse.

I've had a GP appointment today where I've been told the waiting list for a sleep study is extremely long and i might be better off seeing a neurologist even though i don't have a diagnosis yet! (pretty sure i have PLMD by the way, I've recorded myself in my sleep). I'm starting to get really angry with how long i have to wait to get a diagnosis and find out if there's anything else at play. If i had the money, i would definitely be going private but it's just a joke at the moment that this has all taken years and I'm still not being tested and being told to 'keep functioning and things should get better'. I feel like complaining to the group practice

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I do understand about you been very sleepy but you don't say anything about medication have you had anything for rls or havnt you seen a doc would be interesting to know


I just said something similar to my wife last night. I have a number of conditions and it feels like the Dr's don't know what to do so they do as little as possible - all the while my life slips away from me and things get harder and harder to cope with.

Its very frustrating that when you are down the people who are meant to help don't :(

Take care.


Hi Ssmith,

Why don't you complain to your group Practice? I am sure it would make you feel better getting it down on paper and it may do some good. I am quick to give praise where due but also quick to  complain if I feel it is necessary.



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