Restless Legs Syndrome
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Good evening, very rarely post, always checking in though.

I am at my wits end tonight, a week ago today I had a total left knee replacement and I have been home a couple of days.

I can't move my leg much, can't walk with out crutches, too weak and tired at night so too risky anyway.

And my body has decided my arm is going to start now, this is a new one.

I am led here in bed like an idiot waving and shaking my arm in the air, typing is a bit hit and miss lol

I have about two hours proper sleep in three days, so I am getting down feeling sorry for myself.

I know nothing can be done, my family support me, but husband is on nights so being on my own doesn't help.

I just wanted to say it out loud, to people I know will understand.

I wish you all a good nights sleep. Kim x

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Oh Kim, so sorry!! Will pray you will rest so you can heal!!! I'm in the Oklahoma Panhandle in the US! It's 12:30 am here.


Thank you Pallawalla, I am still awake, and my body just wants to move, every part of it, hopefully it will settle soon and I can sleep. Thank you again for your kind word s and prayers, hope you are coping too x

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What a horrible time you are having. Even with a sleeping pill you have to move the legs or in your case arm. I hope you get some relief soon.



Thank you Shona, me too x


Hi hugo: I assume you have rls in addition to this misery with your surgery. When my arms begin to get that itchy dancy feeling Sinamet is a great help. I sometimes take that in addition to Requip that I heavily rely on. Hope you find something that helps cause I know how long the nights can be with no sleep and rls miseries.


Hi Soupy, yeah rls sadly. I am still twitchy 24 hours on,

I take ropinerole, which up until the surgery where working fine, hopefully it will settle soon. Thank you x


hugorune, did they give you any pain meds for after your op..? It seems some times ops ramp up RLS... Maybe your doctor can prescribe some pain meds for a while, until you get back on your feet, so to speak.


Hi Elisse, they gave codeine and paracetamol to come home with. In the hospital it was OxyContin and gabapentin. I will have to go, I'm exhausted, hope he can help. Thank you Elisse x


I am wondering if you are taking anything for this horrible complaint that we all have on this website.


Hi spudellen, yeah I take ropinerole, I think it's just the surgery that has messed me up. Not being mobile really doesn't help. Suppose it's just one of those things that's going to take time . Thanks x


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