Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hello i have been reading the post and i think i have rls. It feels like i have a stiff pain in my left calf my leg jerks feels like something crawling and tingling in my leg it jumps to my right leg to my lowe back buttocks my eye jumps and my finger twitch and my thumb my head jerks a little too everything on left side i can barely sleep it wakes me up im going to see a doctor this week i cant take it .are these the syptoms help

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Hi there everyone, I'm new here. Been reading all your informative posts on RLS

SO....... here is my thoughts on RLS.

Mine started very slowly. Slow enough to notice a pattern.

For me it is chemically related.

Several years ago I bought a home in SE arizona.

A small town, of 350 people.

In the past as I child ( I'm 58) I noticed that when my mom would have to give me medicines, I would get a weird feeling in my legs at nite.

They would keep me awake. Involuntary muscle movements.

But waaay back then these symptoms did not have a name.

As I got older teen, young adult same thing. Usually when I took medication. Hay fever meds or sleep aids, stuff for colds or flu were the worst.

However I would notice at my grand parents house it was always there. Even when I didn't have to take any medicine.

Ok, fast forward 30 years.

These symptoms now have a name. I'm married and my husband has it like crazy. So bad it's like he's running a marathon in his sleep. Lol.

Nit funny keeps me awake, we got separate beds. :(

When we bought our winter home in arizona, it started up with a vengeance. My husband's got so much worse.

Our home in Washington was up in the mountains. Clean fresh air.

Arizona , even though you hear, people go there to help with breathing issues. The air their is HORRENDOUS..

I'd guess at least 50 percent of the population has their home and or property sprayed with pesticides and herbicides 2 times a year. Probably higher than that.

Then there's all the cotton fields and copper mines and the chemicals those spew out.

It's just what they do. Between scorpions and black widow spiders and a whole host of other nasty biting bugs, that can make you very sick, people spray.

My husband died Jan 4 2015, from complications of a black widow bite. He was 68 years young.

I wouldn't let him spray.

Anyway, what I noticed, was the RLS our first nite in our AZ home.

Then when they sprayed the field across the street from my arizona home, the RLS was Off the charts!

The house was a 72 yr solid river rock house, across the street from a small farm. The town our rock house was in, was a farming town. Cotton and green Chile's and alfalfa. With the biggest open pit copper mine in north America just 20 miles away. More chemicals.

After the field spray, The RLS Would stayed ntense for weeks. Then slowly become less and less annoying but never gone. Turns out our property in Arizona had been THE dairy farm for the surrounding communities.

I can't even imagine the chemicals used back then.

Also in the 1940s and again in the 70s there were devastating floods, the town was under water. All the containers of farming chemicals were mixed in with flood waters, went through our yard even our house. All the houses in town.

The house being made of river Rock and these HUGE wooden floor boards 12ftx1" thick planks was a fortress. But absorbed that chemical soup that flooded the town.

The floor is beautiful and rustic. You can SEE the scrape marks from where people shoveled out the 4 ft of toxic mud and muck left after waters receded. We didn't know about that till AFTER we bought the house.

Come spring/summer, we would head back home to Washington.

Once in a while, maybe every few months I was starting to notice RLS there too.

It took along time for me to see a pattern IN WASHINGTON.

On days I had to be in heavy traffic, those nights, I would have RLS. When my husband would be out in his shop, painting harley Davidson parts, or building motors or cleaning parts, hed showe,r come to bed and sure enough, the RLS started up. NOT as bad as in AZ. His clothes he'd worn in the shop were in our hamper in the same room with us.

Then ID noticed when ever I would wear perfume or lotions, I would have RLS. The days I didn't, no RLS.

I THINK the pesticide in Az,really kicked the RLS, into overdrive for my body.

I have so much more , you all think I'm nuts. Lol. I'm not.

It's just a pattern, a really ckear pattern I've noticed for both myself and my husband.

Tho, I would always try NOT to use chemicals, I kind of thought that people that Said they had become allergic to all chemicals and could hardly leave the house without wearing a mask were a wee bit crazy.

People that said glade plugs ins could make you sick.....perfumes. putting lotions on your body, all soak into your skin, and could make you sick.

I really thought they were nuts.

Oddly those are the patterns I've begun to notice, for me, when I use these type products or are exposed to them, it seems my RLS IS WORSE!

Almost every product we use on our bodies or to clean the house with with or to make our flowers and lawn grow, fabric softners, cologne, they all contain petroleum products. Or organophosphates - pesticide herbicides.

I began to notice that things like fabreeze or if I was in a car that had those Christmas tree shaped air fresheners, I could actually feel the RLS while in the car, it was subtle, sort of. But it seemed my whole body was affected.

I mentioned at the start of my post about the RLS, being worse at grand parents as house a child.

Well, Pops my long lean beloved grandfather was ALWAYS out in his Field and yard.

A healthy man, until in his late 60s he developed an unusual TREMOR That would come and go. Sometimes way worse than others. which years later turned into and was later diagnosed as Parkinson's disease ( PD)

He was Either trying to grow something or kill something, by way of chemicals. Lol

The chemicals were even worse back then.

Recently I saw a program on the news saying PESTICIDES EXPOSURE LINKED TO PARKINSON'S DISEASE.

That doesn't mean that all RLS sufferers will get PD.

Several years later I was telling my grandmother about having RLS and she said " well you know, Pops had that too when he was younger "

I've always wondered since hearing that, and comparing to my own situation if there might be a connection. To chemicals.

Most people don't have problems with these products.

Or do they?

May be RLS is,related to PETROLEUM based chemical exposure.

Again just a thought. .

My thoughts. Not trying to freak anyone out.

What are your thoughts ON this?

How many of you would be willing to give up all the chemicals you use on a daily basis for a month or two, to see if it helps?

Start using vinager and water to spray your counter,window s with.

Give up all the nice " foo foo" smelling things. Air freshener, perfumes even unscented body lotions. Especially for your face.

It's not the SMELL you might be reacting to its the CHEMICALS.

Love to hear if you've noticed any connection to RLS this,way too.

Take care all

Shake a leg!


Nope, never noticed a connection to chemicals for my RLS. I have Primary RLS, genetic, inherited from my father, who only had mild RLS. A lot of OTC medicines can be a trigger for RLS, probably what happened to you when you were a child. But having said that, RLS is not anything to do with our muscles, its neurological and RLS has that urge to move, voluntary movements. Your husbands movement in his sleep is called PLMD Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, not RLS. RLS, stops you sleeping or wakes you up, PLMD happens while asleep.


sorry starbaby, your post got hijacked a bit and no one replied to you. Do you have the criteria for RLS.? Its sounds like RLS.


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