Restless Legs Syndrome
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Wondering if I have RLS. Please help

Hello, I move my legs and hands a lot in class and usually at home and when I get woken up by very annoying mosquitoes during the night. But I don't get any kind of pain of weird feelings, all I get is the urged to move, but I stand it although quite strong at times. I believe it is just a habit that I have developed, but just wondering that it might be something like RLS. Thanks!

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Hi, sorry u r having problems. If there is no internal sensation then you probably haven't got rls. Look it up on wiki and see if u fit the symptom checklist. Do you think you might have a touch of adhd? Do you find u blurt things out in class and. R v easily distracted? It's prob nothing to worry abt tho - u r maybe just young and full of energy and a bit bored.


I would take a read here:

and here:

see if any of this rings true.


It seems more like neuropathy


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