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TV program

Been reading about the TV program, and its wonderful that so many people are willing to take part, I just wondered if there had been any more news about when this program will be shown. I would like my friends and family to see what having RLS is like I have had it for 10 years and sometimes I feel I'm going mad. until you have this terrible thing, you can not explain to anyone how you feel. I'm glad at last there is some sort of awareness. And hopefully a cure.

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Hi June, we are waiting patiently for more news re the TV programme. These things apparently take time. Keep looking in and no doubt when there is more information, we shall hear about it on here. Out of interest, have you visited the RLS-UK website It was revamped in March of this year. There is also a RLS-UK Face Book page.

To raise awareness RLS-UK are selling Christmas cards for the first time on their website should you wish to take a look.


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The tv channel in question are still looking at this proposal and budget discussions are ongoing.

The production company has advised that they think there will be an agreement soon and wanted to keep us in the loop and alert those who offered to participate to what will hopefully be a re-engagement on all fronts shortly.


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