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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Check this out!

I have suffered from RLS for years. I have gone through ever drug that is available. I have taken CBD capsules which would give relief for a couple of hours. I have only been sleeping at the most 2 hours a night. I had to quit my job because I was so sleep deprived. After doctors ran out of options I began doing my own research. I have been taking pico ionic magnesium for 2 weeks and have virtually no symptoms. I have been sleeping between 5 and 7 hours a night which I have not done for years. Check this link out. Hope it helps!


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I am glad you the mag is helping you. It is usually for leg cramps, which are muscular, but some say mag helps them, so whatever works. However, please consider the source of this pdf file, "DR" Carolyn Dean. If you wish to read the court documents see quackwatch.com and put her name in the search. She has been stripped of license to practice in Canada, where she went to a "dodgy" med school. "unprofessional conduct", diagnosed patients with yeast infections, as in all the charts they pulled in the investigation, said she ran tests that she didn't, and charged for them, and patients had to have "cash in hand" to even see her. No matte the diagnoses, she made them after patients filled out a questionnaire , no physical exam, etc etc. So, just read and you can form your opinion, but she also was stripped of her license to practice in certain states in the US also. Just stating facts. She is the doctor who wrote a column that people who think they have RLS, (and this is a direct quote) "Get your lazy a**es out of your recliners and your legs will not be restless". Excuse us???? Also WAS using the old, tired thing that drug companies made up RLS to sell drugs. She has since taken that column down after my groups and others buried her in emails. She has now changed her tune because she has figured out she can sell her books and "consultation programs" to people with RLS. She definitely has an agenda is all I am saying, and she keeps changing her mind if RLS is real or not. Quack watch does not lie. Dr. Barrett is a good doctor to have in our side, the doctor who has the Quackwatch web site.

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Thanks for the info!


That link is one of her "ebooks". How much did you have to pay for it? just wondering. But thanks for sending it to us who will not pay for information. :)


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