This sounds very good I am going to try it. I have tried every everything out there. I even put soap

in my bed, I rubbed my legs with vinegar I used restless leg cream. I have tried every drug out there

nothing worked, only made my legs so bad I wanted to chop them off. Any way right now I take 2

bayer back and body and 600mg of gapentain about noon and take the same before I go to bed.

If my legs have already started to get jumpy it does not work to well and sometimes I am up all night

walking the floors. I currently use a neurpo patch 3mg that I change every 24 hours, Sometimes they work well others not to good.

Just some ideas ,but I am going to try the juice. Thank you for the information.

Dorothy Norman

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  • Hi dottie825, I seem to be having a similar experience with the Neupro patch, (2mg) some nights they work great - others not so. Although all being said a 'bad' night at present is pretty much a walk in the park, (no pun intended :) ), compared to how bad things really get. Nothing more than a bit of moving needed don't need to pace or roll about on the floor!!!

    What is the juice you intend to try? I've never heard of juice helping RLS!

  • Veg juice from another thread-

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