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Relief after anaesthetic

I had a bunion op under general anaesthetic four days ago and had been really worried about my jumpy legs after it as I knew I have to stay resting with it raised for two weeks. however I have not had one single jerk or any rls symptom since! I am surmising that there was something either in the GA itself or that they gave me as painkillers through the vein while under. It could well be Tramadol as I read on here that that can be a treatment. Whatever it was it is wonderful and I'd love to know exactly what. Anyone know how to find out? I'm expecting it to restart anytime now as it wears off but what a wonderful break from it I've had! Only you guys know just how wonderful. It's even worth the pain of the op which I can control with painkillers. No such luck with rls. I've been on Ropinerole for years now and gone up to the max dose of 4 a day but having the dreaded augmentation. Wish I had the courage to come off it, have break and go back.

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Ruthmary,glad you had some relief!The recommended maximum dose for Ropinerole is now 1mg ,if you have augmentation you will not improve on that high dose.Maybe your doctor would prescribe Tramadol to help you to come off and then as your daily RLS treatment as the painkillers do seem to be helping youx


I'd imagine from what you are saying its the Tramadol that is easing your legs, Speak with your GP about a maintenance dose.

Good luck


hi ,,im pleased you posted this ,,i had broken foot a few years ago ,while i had my cast on i got no rls symptoms ,,soon came back when the cast came off though x


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