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Walking and Balance Issues

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Has anyone had any issues with walking that relate to RLS meds? My walking is terrible, and so is my balance. I'm wondering if heavy doses of gabapentin could be causing my unsteady gait.

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I am on roprinarole and tramadol and I'm being investigated by hospital because i started falling for no reason. so if you find out you're meds are causing you're problems please let me know

Definately - I was given gabapentin for siatica, but refused to take after 4 days of staggering around and bumping into things.

I am currently trying the wearing of two copper bracelets at night and so far I have not had another episode of rls. BUT this is only 7 days long.

I put so many pills down my throat and they all can have side effects, so trying through the skin for now.


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I switched doctors and will be off the gabapenten and lyrica in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see if my walking improves. I'll be switching to methadone.

I would look no further than HEAVY doses of Gabapentin - its a drug that sedates so that staggering would be par for the course - you may need to reduce/change the drugs.

Did a google search for gabapentin side effects:

Less serious side effects may include:

dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, tired feeling;

nausea, diarrhea, constipation;

blurred vision;


breast swelling;

dry mouth; or.

loss of balance or coordination.

Hi all, I have had RLS for longer than I can remember, I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, with unknown cause after being tested for every known syndrome. I have totally lost my balance to the extent that on occasion I have been known to walk like a drunk crab. I think everyone with RLS should be tested for neuropathies, as it really aggregates the RLS and causes balance issues.

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Yes, I have also been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy. I have broken both arms from falls over the last few years from falls. I try balance and other exercises, and doing weights at the gym. Nothing seems to help.

"ataxia" is the word to Google...

I also have disc problems in my back that causes Sciatica, my GP told me to take up jogging, I think she needs therapy of some kind.

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Are all GP's DUMB F**ks? When I remarked about the levels of pain, (after coming off Tramadol by my own decision and trying to drug free but couldn't due to the pain), my GP told me I need to stop all pain drugs!?!? Even though I was taking the lowest level of co-codamol available AND have a number of damaged disks in my back too.

You really have to wonder at what goes on in these peoples minds. I agree with the thought that they might need therapy as we say about here alkathene pipe therapy!!!

I'm with you. I had two back surgeries for spinal stenosis, and I can't even walk on a treadmill without holding on.

It really doesn't matter what level of pain you're in, they really don't care. I was a very active person in the past, it is mentally torchuring to be patronised on top of the pain.

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