Restless Legs Syndrome
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Judy 1955 MS and RLS

Hi Judy I have tried sending you a private message but no reply, so forgive me for doing a post but you are the only other person that I know of who has both MS and RLS.

I have recently started to go numb down both legs and from the knee down its like walking around with 2 concrete posts filled with jelly and the pain is awful.

I have primary progressive MS so no treatment as yet, only steroids, but I have to go for another MRI before I can have an infusion.

What I have noticed is that my legs feel better after I have taken the Pramipexole so I wondered if you had experienced this or is it that it is the restless legs.

Any help from yourself or anyone else reading this post would be greatly appreciated.

The MS is apparently attacking the depression centre of my brain but they want to give me a happy pill but until I know for sure that this so called happy pill won't set my RLS off I continue to cry and feel sorry for myself. Again any help from anyone will be appreciated more than words can say.

Many thanks and I hope everyone had a joyful Easter full of sleep and rest and no jibbly jabblies. Cheers Jimeka x

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Jimeka the safe antidepressant for RLS is Tŕazadone and for those not in UK also Wellbutrin.I hope someone with MS knowledge gets in touch with you ,I can't bear to think of you crying,you are one of the kindest ,sweetest people I have ever met.Maybe you could search for a MS forum or someone on hear may know of one.Big hugs ...Pipps xx


Thanks Kim, will be in touch soon, hugs JImeka x


I'm in US. Bupropion (generic Wellbutrin) is a good RLS friendly anti-depressant, however, for some it is quite alerting and can cause insomnia. It sometimes gets better after a few weeks. Many US doc's Rx Bupropion 100sr or 150sr in combination with Trazadone at night for sleep (another RLS friendly A/D). I recently trialed Lamictal (Lamotrigine generic) for depression and it did not exacerbate RLS but takes a little while. It's used off label sometimes for depression. You have to start it slow and monitor closely as it can cause a rash that can be serious, although very low rate of that developing. SSRI's are the bes A/D but exacerbate RLS. Some think SNRI's like Cymbalta (Duloxetine generic) might be RLS friendly, but still a risk. I hope you find something soon. A lot of US doc's say get the RLS under control and then treat around depression. It take some times for most A/D's to take effect. Although oftentimes Wellbutrin (generic Bupropion) might works a little faster. But again, might have insomnia. Nortriptyline (Pamelor) is also supposed to possibly be RLS friendly. Prayers for you Jimeka

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Thank you. Very much appreciated. Had a good day in the sunshine yesterday, so hopefully it will last awhile. Again thank you. God bless Jimeka x


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