Balancing Calcium with Magnesium

Readers may find this video interesting and helpful - it is a great illustration of the interaction of calcium and magnesium at cellular level:

It is also on the front page of this web site: that has a number of articles and titles of different scientific papers on the role of magnesium in many different medical conditions. I hope the information may help some of you gain a better understanding on your journey in solving your RLS problems.

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  • This video was so helpful to me and my mum who both suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. I was diagnosed as a fetus and my mum tried to terminate me because she didn't want me to suffer like she did all these years. Luckily, i put that bitch in her place and punched her straight in the spine from inside the womb, worsening her RLS. Today I spend all my time sharing my story with sufferers of RLS in attempt to give hope and shine a light on this terrible disease.

    Thank you so much for listening, RLS UNITED!!!

    lots of love,

    Janet Egleton.

  • Good Post Thank You

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