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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Good Morning everyone, it has been a long time since I have been with you all, and I have noticed that we have a brand new website, well it is too me, I do read a lot of your interactions and make my own plans to contact you all, but I have just had yet another Spinal Operation and Atheroscopy on my Knee after I dropped off a 3"step in the Dark and it Fractured my existing Fusions and unknown to me, tore my Knee Ligament and after the Atheroscopy it was discovered that I have level 3 Arthritus of the Knee Cap, so all in all it has been a long haul, and sadly this Operation on my Back was not as good as my last, and it has left me with lots of issues, like sitting and swelling legs etc.

But I did not come on here to bore you with my Ailments, but to Advise you that I made a discovery last night, it has always been a thought of mine, but now I have confirmed it. We have had a new Bathroom fitted, with a walk in shower, but unfortunately the partition wall between my bathroom and spare room, on the bathroom side had to be replaced, so the spare room now needs re-decorating. So last night I went up to do some painting, which I love, I could do Painting all day, I find it sooo relaxing and such a boost when done as it looks so lovely and fresh, unfortunately the colour I had chosen was not correct, but being in the painting mood I decided to do the Landing instead, it was only a small area, I suppose to widths of wallpaper , around a large mirror and down and around the fitted gas heater, I throughly enjoyed it. I have already noticed that when I eat at lunchtime and evening meals, it is not long before I get a Restless Leg, which usually ends up with me having to take a Ripinirol, which then leads on to going to the toilet. This all may seem strange, but since this last operation, their is a definate link between eating, bowel and restless leg. But last night, after having had a great time painting, coming down to have my tea, watched some T.V for an hour or two, I went to bed about 11pm and was woken up with absolutely terrible Restless Arm, the one I had been using to do the majority of the painting, so I have decided rightly or wrongly, that it seems to be if you use any of your limbs longer or differently than the normal run of the mill daily functions, you pay for it by Restless Syndrome, could be anywhere, but I was really surprised last night that the very arm that I had been painting with had Restless Syndrome. I am also convinced, that in my case, that since my Operation that my Surgeon may have done some damage to bowel or surrounding nerves etc, because as soon as I sit down for lunch at lunchtime just to have an half and hours relaxation, eat my lunch and read a book for 10mins, that my Restless Leg starts and then the need for the toilet, and ironically last night after my tea, we had been watching a programme and half way through the Restless Leg started up and off to bathroom, so this is something else to throw into the melting pot, I have discussed it with my various Drs and Specialists, and they never know what to say or do, you are just left to manange the problems yourself, but I just wondered if anyone else had had such an experience.

Hope you are all ok, and it is nice to be back in the Group again.


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Nice to meet you, hope all is well. :)



I live in the U.S. where my ancestors came to in 1656 on my dad's side and just after on my mom's side. Restless legs are an hereditary characteristic, passed on from usually one person who can be traced to an Eastern European Jewish person. That one person will pass many characteristics on to all the population of an isolated group, many very good and some very bad.

I am a descendant of two of those groups and when RLS appears on both sides you will almost always have them. Your observation that it is bowel related is noted in several studies and even the Chinese teachings of accupuncture, will say a diseased Colon guarantees leg problems. I believe your observation is correct but only if you have inherited the condition.

The groups with almost all having both colon and leg problems-- Eastern European Jews--French Canadians--Cajuns in the Southern U.S. Swamps--Icelandic's (the are all descendants of the 11 families who populated the country) and Applicheans from the Plateau of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and small pockets of other states joining the others. I had Jewish ancestors as well as applicheans. I have unfortunately had descendants before i knew all the reasons why not to.

At least one of my grandsons has decided to forgo the pleasures of parenthood for this and other heredity reasons. I wouldn't voluntarily inflict this malady onto an enemy, much less to ones i love so dearly, but alas, I done just that. I making another try at finding some relief next week at Mayo Clinic Phoenix AZ. 79 years old and at least 45 of it with little sleep (it is almost 3 AM) and a lot of jiggling and jumping as well as aching hands and feet and fibromylgia all over.


Welcome back widgeylegs


Welcome back. I must admit I also don't post very often on here, but do read from time to time.

Like Windwalker, I suffer from primary RLS, ie the inherited version, although perhaps Windwalker's not aware that there's also secondary RLS which seems to occur from the result of injury or other illness? I don't know which one you have, but I've got to be honest and say that I've never noticed any link between my RLS and bowel movements. The only consistent thing I seem to see is that there is no consistency between what triggers it with one person and another, and how much/little you suffer, which is what I guess makes it such a difficult condition to understand and manage.

For me, it seems to follow my monthly cycle - or circadian rhythm if that's another word for it - which is something my GP seemed to understand when I discussed it. So at the time of month when I would experience PMT, my RLS always flared up. Also any kind of severe stress can be a trigger.

Anway, welcome back and hope you find something that helps.

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