Restless Legs Syndrome

Happy New Year

Belated Christmas wishes to everyone.

Thank you to Missymaz for the cartoon, they really amuse me and lift my spirit.

Fortunately we had our family Christmas dinner on Sunday, as the RLS came in a fury and Christmas Day was spent pacing and popping pills. The same thing has happened today I think a lot to blame is the cold, can't cope with it. I have told my husband we will have to go live somewhere hot during winter, never had the damn thing while I was in warm Cyprus.

Anyways all the best for a happy healthy New Year.

Keep smiling, you never know when a cure may appear,

We can live in hope. Miracles do happen! Jimeka x

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I've spent as much time standing up leaning against the wall reading a book in my home in Arizona U.S.A during the winter months, as I did in Chicago IL any time of the year.

Find a warm spot in the Greek Islands for any reason is a good thing, but RLS is a genetic condition most of the time.

I am convinced of the genetic origin of RLS. I am sure our bodies won't produce some enzyme needed for calm behavior and when our wise scientists turn their attention to it they will solve the mystery and only then will there be a cure.

10% of the world population has RLS, it must be a recessive gene because of its pattern of occurrence. I am not sure any real scientist is working on it. The company who patent's the med. that is missing will reap a fortune, unless it is an element that they cannot patent, then it won't be profitable and nobody will do it.


Happy New Year Jimeka, hope you find some relief from your symptoms. To meet you and your lovely family in person was wonderful.First time I have hugged someone who understands exactly what I mean regarding RLS.I hope and pray things improve for you in 2015 x


Thanks Pippin, same goes for you too. I enjoyed meeting you in person, when you have Rls it's good to know you are not alone, not that you want anyone to suffer how you do. Here,s to a great year, hugs JImeka x


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