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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Cannabis And RLS

Medical Marijuana, Medicinal Cannabis has been in effect a long time. How Many have researched its use for RLS. You don't have to smoke it. I quit smoking 18 years ago and will never smoke anything again. Pot can be eaten takes longer to take affect, and is more effective than smoking it for medicinal uses.

If you want to try it you have a lot of reading ahead of you to learn what the best Strains of Wheeed are for RLS. Dispensaries for Bhoo won't open in Oregon until July. There are dozens and dozens of shop fronts waiting to open up. Gonna be Great Fireworks this year

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Iv tried to get it but I can not get a doctor to make out a prescription It's called SATIVEX it's a nose sprayBut you try and get it I even tried Kings college Hospitial London Prfessor Charderay siad know it would not help So hard cheese



Nah! You only want to use the whole plant not a pharmaceutical distillate. You're in the UK, and you can't get any Ganja, Pot, Bhoo. Jeez Erona, GB uses Heroin for Pain. I can't believe that. Too bad. I don't know how states offer Medical M now, States Recreational Marijuana are Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Complete Legalization Isn't that far away in the US, but loosening the legal restraints is so economically favorable that its inevitable. The Drug Wars, no matter which country is engaged in the farce aren't successful

Pause, I dismount my soapbox.

See if you can't find an open minded doctor who will help you get cancer formulations, or at least make friends with a Jamaican, Mon, or an aging Hippie, Dude. Can you grow it for medical purposes? Gawd, my image of GB is destroyed. Legalized Heroin, through a doctor, sure, but Not Pot.

Tell ya what, move over here, Oregon is one of the most beautiful area in the World, and most of us speak English. Portland's a very nice city, rivers, forests, world famous bridges, Microbrew, Organic foods, the Environmental movement and organic foods began in this state. I've tried to move out of Portland and Oregon four times. I've always moved back. Mountains(The Cascades), Old Growth Wilderness Forests, The Desert, Agriculural lands, It is gorgeous here, and Medical or Recreational M.

Hmm if that doesn't sell you a plane ticket.

Erona, you know the other approaches I reccomend for health problems, Oregon Health Sciences University, OHSU.edu.

I didn't offer you much help, did I? Sorry. Sativex, why not Marazoid?


Derogatory comment, deleted by Kaarina (volunteer)


I think it's differ cult for any DOCTER to prescribe any thing , unless you got RLS and know the dread of how can you prescribe the right thing a lot of these doctors are making money out of books saying things we already know you are right what you say


Just for your info, Cannabis does not help everyone get relief from RLS. Your words about a UK doctor are insulting whether he is right nor not. There are others ways to say that a doctor is wrong in what he says. Your way is not the polite way. !!

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Marijuana is a dopamine agonist. Period, end of story. Marijuana will work for as many or as little people as does mirapex. In the long run there is a desensitization of the dopamine receptors with both but this I believe will tend to happen more at higher doses of either.

Keep looking for alternative dopamine agonists and keep us posted

(comment directed at Elisse deleted by Kaarina (volunteer).


Dude, Dude-ess this is a forum, there is no Answer

Negativity can make you sick. Smile,

The idea of forums regarding medical problems is that anecdotal info is much more helpful than Page 1238 of the PDR, or of Manuel Mercks book of cures.

At least people care enough to try to help, We're all in the same foot stomping boat. Life's OK when you're not dancing the involuntary Flamenco.

During my acupuncture treatment the other day, my left leg was doing its violent thing. Annoying, but I know from years past with acupuncture success often takes months, then staying regular with treatments is essential. Start at 2-3x/week cut down to once a week, you'll find your right treatment plan. Does Britain's National Health Service, pay for alternate medicine treatments? Cost is definitely a factor when looking for treatments that work.

The UK is always given as an example of a successful National Health Care System. The US is lagging behind the rest of the world in health care.


It is a fact that no matter what the medication, whether it be cannabis or regular prescription meds, never work for EVERYONE. There are always exceptions, and we all have to remember that.

Everyone has an opinion and everyone has their "facts", so to say not to listen to "her" is rude and uncalled for. You cannot say that "it helps everyone Period". misleading at best. having said that, I am in the states, so we have lots of experience with medical marijuana. And, I know many people who it DOES help and many it does not help. Can't make a blanket statement like that. I do live in a medical marijuana state in the US, so have seen all sides of it. I have no issues with it at all and it DOES help me, but not everyone.


I'm not aware that I wasn't listening to anyone. Of course no medication, herb, voodoo chant or treatment works for everyone,

In a forum, there are many different ideas to consider, I don't discount anyone.

My leg bashes into the padded underside of my 1" formica desk regularly with such force that it lifts the 650 LB desk. I saw a Dr this afternoon to get an antibiotic for the wound on the knee that never closes.

You Bet I listen to every idea.

I used to lift heavy weights, Power Lifting, with my legs, 600 LB + for repetition, so my RLS is Powerful. Before I was hit by the bus, powerful legs helped with stability, and mobility. The left half of my body is partially paralyzed, Hemiparesis, from a double brain surgery I had in '77. I am still alive and kicking, he punned, because I exercised and eat well


Rude remarks yet again. Saying Ignore her. I have come to expect nothing else from you on this forum.

The comment directed at you has been deleted by Kaarina (volunteer)


Thank you Kaarina. :)

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