Thank you

I would just like to say a big thank you for the medical alert card.

Can I suggest a bracelet as well, something we can wear all the time.

Thank you also for the news letter it was very informative. I was aiming to go to the meeting this year but unfortunately was on holiday care of the Nhs again. Maybe next year. Also I apologise for not having paid my yearly subscription, I would personally find it useful if I could pay by Internet banking as I do not have a cheque account.

Thank you to everyone in administration for all the good work that you do for us all with RLS.

Again many thanks. Jimeka

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  • The bracelet is an excellent idea. It could have the RLS website on it to alert ignorant Medical Staff about RLS.

  • I am waiting for mine to arrive. Hopefully very soon.

  • Hi Elisse

    I hope you have received your newsletter and medical alert card etc by now.


  • Hi Kaarina, no i havent yet. Hope they havent forgotten me.

  • Hi Elisse

    That is strange. They have been sent out. You should have received yours by now, for sure. Perhaps you should make enquiries.


  • Thanks Kaarina, yes i will enquire.

  • Hi Jimeka

    You can pay by standing order.


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