Hi folks any one awake,well legs started give it another 5mins then have to get up. Will ask today about taking the Gab and let you know ,I know what you mean about 1 three times a day but I can't stand feeling so tiered,who wants to sleep in the afternoon. When granddaughter comes will get her to put photo on ,wonder if anyone is older than me on this site I am 78 Beady 3

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  • Hi Beady yes I am up too! I have had 6 hours so done well I have just got up for some juice! Yes there is a lady I believe is 82 on forum.Will be nice to see a pic of you.Did you try taking 2 gabapentin at 10 oclock? X

  • +Hallo Beady3. Feel smug today as made it to 5 o;clock. I'm over 80 and I expect there are some more older people. I reckon these legs are going to twitch in my coffin!!!! Let's try and keep laughing.

  • Omg I didnt know you are in your eighties ! Just goes to show as my mums GP told her rls once you get over 80! Must say though in her case they have much improved only an occasional bout but not completely disappeared. I am smug too have had 6 hours ! X

  • Meamt to say mums GP said rls goes away once your into your eighties x

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