Restless Legs Syndrome

Do any of you with RLS also suffer from Behçets Syndrome? Have you found anything that helps relieve the symptoms. It's driving me mad!!!

Having tried drugs like gabapentin & duloxetine unsuccessfully im getting desperate. Sometimes I find taking Tramadol helps but I really don't like take them. Last night it was just my right leg & was awful. It's like my leg is screaming out for help. Yes I know that sounds bonkers!

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Hi Hulio, perhaps you could explain what Behcets Syndrome is i am sure many of us will not know, including me. Do you take any medication for that. Why do you not like taking the Tramadol, if it helps.


Hi Hulio, have you tried pramipexole or ropinerole so, e people have excellent results with them but keep to small doses


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