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Aspertamine and rls

My RLS increased in hot weather when I would drink 3 or 4 cans of Coke Zero when the RLS got really worse.. Also used 3 Canderel sweeteners in each beverage such as tea or coffee. Saw a program on Channel 5 with a snippet about "aspertamine" and checked things out. I had a lot of other symptoms with RLS that was totally baffling my GP. I stpped taking any form of aspertamine and lo and behold my RLS has decreased to a real minimum level and still waning and also the other symptoms such as tinitus and morning tremors have gone completely. Not saying this is a cure but check how much aspertamine you are taking, it's everywhere as an artificial sweetener, and cut it out to see if it makes a difference.

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You will be surprised to see how many things it's in

Almost all diet things and almost all pop, and some

Things that are not diet, so be prepared to spend time

Looking at the back of things also nutria sweet

I stopped this about a year ago it's very hard

As such a lot of our food has it in I'm sure from time to

Time I still have it

after this I found that I did feel a little better, so I then started

On the diet that they say we should try, no bread or biscuits

Or root veg.

I seem to go through periods when my pain is better, I'm more

Able to cope with it.

This time of year for me is worse as I seem to get more stiff.

RLS is much much better, but I do still get It from time to time

My doctor gives me clonazepam, I have strict instructions not

To take more than 3 in two weeks as they are addictive but they really work.

Over all I would say if you cut out this sweetener, you will

Find a big improvement, but not a cure, but at least it will

Give you some relief.

Hugs viv


Sorry also the tinnitus, for me is no different

I think this is caused by the medication we take


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