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Antibiotics 2

Unfortunately the honeymoon only lasted 5 day. Then back to feel exhausted, terrible muscle and joint pain, sore blowted stomach, pain in bladder and swollen, constipated, depressed. So I found one of my old prescibed antibiotics and started a four a day dosis and I'm not great but feeling better!

Question is: could this all be due to an infection? But what? I read that it could be yeast as well for being on antibiotics. I have been on them for a year and a half! So what I am I going to ask the doctor in my ten minutes consultation to try next?

I was thinking of suggesting stool and usin sambple for cultures, but what to look for? I am seeng a gastro en April and it would be good if there was something showing rather than it looks as if I'm just making it up!

Why did God take my daughter and not me?

It is Friday and hopefully there will be a little sunshine and I could do some gardening again and feel a little better. I

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So sorry about your daughter. That changes priorities doesn't it. ;( I wanted to comment on the fact that you are hoping for RLS answers from the gastro doctor? Too long to take antibiotics there for you, and RLS is neurological, so an infection or new meds may "change up" how RLS acts. And, taking old antibiotics is not going to help much, I hate to say. After 6 months or so, they lose effectiveness, and that is faster than most all meds. Shouldn't take antibiotics til you really need them, so they will work better for you. Why were you on antibiotics for over a year? You asked about stool samples? That may answer your other non RLS questions, but will give no clue as to what causes your RLS. If your doctor thinks you are making it up, may be time for a new one. It is very hard to get candida or overgrown yeast. A simple yeast infection, sure, but the yeast overgrowth theory for anything is being severely questioned because it is almost physically impossible, and is pushed by doctors who think causes everything (mostly homeopathic doctors) It is your basic medical hoax that doctors have lost their licenses over this, and for good reason. If you would like to read up on that, the quickest is Wikipedia, and I was just reading it 2 days ago, is very accurate on Candida , or "yeast overgrowth". I have lots of info on that, because I followed 3 doctors for 10 yrs, who ALL lost their licenses to practice in the states, but are "hiding" Hawaii and Costa Rica. So while a gastro doc sounds good for your gastro problems (I see one too) , it is not going to give you any RLS answers. RLS is very hard to pin down, as evidenced by all the posts in this group. ;)


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